The new techno world of Mobile

Corporate mobile phones are expensive. They’re also essential. The fact is that the corporate mobile phone really is becoming “an office in a box”, and the needs of business for better quality are increasing. The need for better economics and bottom line-based costing is also becoming more obvious, if that’s possible. Fortunately for business, the highly competitive phone industry is getting the message.

The future
There’s no doubt that the communications industry is getting on the better business bandwagon as fast as it can. Corporations need to look at their phone plans on the most practical basis:

• Better deals
• Good private/business functions
• Value for money
• Well organized plans 
• Good rates
• Simplified, no-nonsense, no-bureaucracy plans
• Built in business functions

Corporations can thank the mobile phone brokers for putting an end to the bureaucracy. The future of the corporate phone plans isn’t in doubt. The days of having to tolerate phone plans that simply create more work for accountants than deliver functions are over. 

Mobile Phone Broker world

That’s now being delivered to some extent, but it’s being delivered in a particularly businesslike way. Mobile phone brokers are literally brokers, working for businesses to find the best phone plans. They’ve created a cultural shift in the most literal sense- The phone carriers are confronted by experts, and these phone contracts are worth a lot of money. The carriers therefore start providing good, highly competitive plans.

This has been generally good for the phone industry. It’s forcing rationalization in areas where bizarre schedules of charges and phone usage terms are being replaced with working, straightforward plans. This is business, and this is the way mobile phone business is done better.

The mobile phone brokers literally compare plans and they create a profile of plans for their clients. That’s raised the standard of phone plans across the board. It’s good business for their corporate clients, too, because they can save tens of thousands of dollars per bill with this very demanding approach to their communications.

The brokers are “market forces” in the most unambiguous sense. The strong dissatisfaction of many business clients with their phone plans has raised the ante for the phone carriers, and a quiet revolution is already starting to hit the front line sales zone.